Hands down, I think this is a shoot I’m like THE most proud of. Some, because I got to shoot in a location I hadn’t ever done before, but mostly because as I was walking around with this beauty, we kept getting interesting glances that leaned themselves well toward the assumption that she was a professional model, and I was her photographer. Even if it’s NOT true, don’t ruin it for me!

Alyssa is such a stunning young woman, and was a delight to spend time with taking her senior photos. Paxton and I know her parents very well, and enjoy their friendship.  Thank you SO much for asking me to photograph your incredible daughter. I can’t believe she’s graduating!!!!


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Alyssa Seniors


I’ve known Haley for YEARS. Check out hers and Daniel’s beautiful wedding photos here.  She was even going TO the high school I got to student teach at, as I was even luckier to have her older sister in one of my classes.  See HER beautiful wedding photos, here. I love this little family with so much of my heart, and I am so happy they are a part of my life.  Thank you for asking me to take photos for you guys.  As the spacey director in FRIENDS would say “You guys make me FLY! High!”

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Grimm Family