About Me

Growing up, I remember my Dad, always either having his camera ready to shoot, or in the trunk of his car, waiting to be played with. It was not unusual for us to pull off the road in the middle of a road trip for the sole purpose of getting the perfect shot of the perfect sunset.  While these moments baffled me as a child, they are memories that are engraved into my memory and personality.

I received my degree from Weber State University in Theatre Arts Education. Theatre is literally the study of human life and behavior. What drives us? What inspires us? Pictures too, are also the study of human life, only when we look at a picture, we’re not applauding a performance, rather, we are yearning to connect with something special we have already experienced. Photos are so precious to me, because I can catch treasured and memorable moments.  A family portrait, some candid photos at a wedding, or a high school graduation.   I feel like there is nothing like a picture. There is nothing like looking at a picture.  It is its own entity.  I have been taking pictures professionally now for going on 12 years, and I love it more and more all the time. 

Pictures are a visual transportation to a time in our lives when we felt something special. Whether it was a senior road trip with friends, that play you did in High School, that crazy trip with your family to Hawaii, or the birth of a new little angel.  My passion for pictures lies in time. They are so special, and I’d be honored to freeze a time of your life for you to look back on and enjoy for years to come.



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