Jensen Family

It’s not very often that I can hand my camera off to another non-photographer and say “take my picture too.” But, I did with Dayne, Brooke, and their cute family. I’ll post those pics at another time, but c’mon! Look at how beautiful they are! I remember taking pictures of these kiddos when they were…

Grimm Family

I’ve known Haley for YEARS. Check out hers and Daniel’s beautiful wedding photos here.  She was even going TO the high school I got to student teach at, as I was even luckier to have her older sister in one of my classes.  See HER beautiful wedding photos, here. I love this little family with…

Kathryn and Orrin

Get ready for some seriously photogenic people! Orrin and Kathryn are two people that when you meet them you think to yourself: “Yes, you totally fit together!” That’s a wonderful thing! Thank you for asking me to be a part of this special time in your lives. Much love to you. 😉

Toponce Family

These beautiful people are my hubby’s wife Shae Marie and her adorable family, Ryan, Brinley, Jackson and Brecklyn.  The kiddos have grown a HEAP since we took thee photos, but I hadn’t realized I didn’t yet put the pictures on my blog.   I love these people to pieces.