Grimm Family

I’ve known Haley for YEARS. Check out hers and Daniel’s beautiful wedding photos here.  She was even going TO the high school I got to student teach at, as I was even luckier to have her older sister in one of my classes.  See HER beautiful wedding photos, here. I love this little family with…

Kathryn and Orrin

Get ready for some seriously photogenic people! Orrin and Kathryn are two people that when you meet them you think to yourself: “Yes, you totally fit together!” That’s a wonderful thing! Thank you for asking me to be a part of this special time in your lives. Much love to you. 😉

Toponce Family

These beautiful people are my hubby’s wife Shae Marie and her adorable family, Ryan, Brinley, Jackson and Brecklyn.  The kiddos have grown a HEAP since we took thee photos, but I hadn’t realized I didn’t yet put the pictures on my blog.   I love these people to pieces.