“Memories are special Moments that tell YOUR story.”

A little bit of background for you about the photo below:

Lindsey is a good friend of mine.  We grew up together.  Sometimes as life has pummeled ahead, we have lost  touch a little bit, but I’m always happy when I hear from her.  She asked me to take these maternity photos of her, and all I can say is that she was BEAMING the entire shoot. This happens to be my absolute most favorite shot because of the colors, but she had flawless pictures. You can see the rest here.

Lindsey’s story is a little different than most maternity shoots, because she is such a brave person.  Why is she brave? She’s brave because she placed her little boy with an adoptive family. Her son, although not a part of her daily life, drives her every action and thought. She loves him. She wants to make him proud. She is for sure a loving birth mother. I knew this during the photoshoot, and I went home inspired.  Inspired to be better, and braver.

This is an important moment in Lindsey’s life.  I was, and am, honored to have captured it. She has this Memory now, not only engrained in her spirit and personality, but she can visually see it. She can look back to this time in her life and remember how amazing she truly is.

That’s what photos are to me.  They are a physical memory.  While our minds and spirits can remember what we felt, it’s a whole new ballgame to actually see a picture of a time once lived.  SO, to that end, in my portrait photography, I try to capture personality. Candid photos of a genuine smile. Babies laughing at their silly siblings.  The best photo I ever got of my little girl smiling, was when she was about to hit me with a snowball.  🙂 It’s the little things.


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